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Eyewitness Books: Eagle & Birds of Prey

Eyewitness Books: Eagle & Birds of Prey

by DK Publishing

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  • Pocket sized book
  • Has loads of introductory information
  • Great for on the go reading
  • Teaches how to care for animals
  • Ages 8-12+


Here is a spectacular and informative new guide to birds of prey around the world. Superb color photographs give the reader an "eyewitness" insight into the world of eagles, vultures, hawks, kites, owls, falcons, and other birds of prey. See a secretary bird stamping on a snake, a kestrel hovering in midair, a tawny eagle in flight across the page, a burrowing owl coming out of its burrow, and a Verreaux's eagle launching itself at its prey. Learn what an eagle's bones and muscles look like, how falconers train hawks, falcons, and other birds, what steppe eagles eat in winter, and how Harris' hawks hunt in teams. Discover how an alula helps birds to fly, which bird of prey has talons as big as a grizzly bear's claws, how vultures can fly for hours with scarcely a flap of their wings, and much, much more.
Hardcover | 8.85 x 11.37in | 64 pages | ISBN 9780789458605| 14 Jun 2000 | 8 - 12 years


UPC: 9780789458605
SKU: 290789458608
Made in: United States
Color: Brown;Gray;Black (Note: Manufacturers sometimes change colors without warning. Photo and colors listed are accurate to our knowledge, but not guaranteed.)

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