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Reptiles & Amphibians (Smithsonian Handbooks)

Reptiles & Amphibians (Smithsonian Handbooks)

by DK Publishing

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  • Pocket sized book
  • Has loads of introductory information
  • Great for on the go reading
  • Teaches how to care for animals
  • Ages 8-12+


Authoritative text, crystal-clear photography and a systematic approach make the Smithsonian Handbook of Reptiles and Amphibians the most comprehensive and easy-to-use pocket guide to the reptiles and amphibians of the world. Packed with over 600 full-colour photographs of more than 400 varieties, it is designed to cut through the complicated identification process and enable you to recognize a species instantly. Identification Made Easy Each entry combines a precise description with fully annotated photographs to highlight the chief characteristics and distinguishing features of each spcies. A comprehensive introduction. describes the anatomy, lifecycle and behaviour of the major groups of reptiles and amphibians, while the initial stages of identification are made straightforward by a clear visual key. In-Depth Information Each entry in the Smithsonian Handbook of Reptiles and Amphibians is accompanied by a map showing the geographical distribution of the species while the text and colour-coded bands give the internationally scientific name and provde at-a-glance information on size, diet, habitat, reproduction and population status. A concise glossary explains all technical and scientific terms used.
Paperback: flexiback | 5.74 x 11.77in | 256 pages | ISBN 9780789493934 | 06 Feb 2002 | Dorling Kindersley


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